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News Member News | Childbase Partnership leads the way on gender pay

Member News | Childbase Partnership leads the way on gender pay

News Member News | Childbase Partnership leads the way on gender pay

Childbase Partnership is leading the way on gender pay as newly published data shows that women at the award-winning,employee-owned company are paid on average 1.1% more than their male counterparts.

The company, which has 41 day nurseries in the South of England caring for nearly 6,000 children under the age of five years, is bucking the trend nationally and in the Early Years sector where men continue to be paid more. 

The average pay gap in the UK is 18.4% in favour of men according to newly published, legally required data, on UKcompanies with 250 or more relevant employees. 

Virginia Mead-Herbert, Managing Director ofChildbase Partnership, where nearly 5% of the workforce is male as opposed to the sector average of around 2 percent, said the results were entirely expected.

“With higher than average hourly rates at Childbase Partnership, which include apprentice rates of £5.55 an hour, these results are entirely consistent with our expectations. Equally, we are operating in a highly gendered sector so our results should reflect this key fact,” she said.

The published data follows an inflation-busting 3.7% pay increase for Childbase Partnership nursery practitioners in November but, due to required reporting timescales, does not include the tax-free PartnershipDividend payments, totalling £850,000 in January, for all employee-owners contributing to the company’s success in the previous financial year.

Unlike most bonus schemes nationwide, where women once again lose out to men, the company’s January Partnership Dividend payment of up to £680, based on hours worked, was given to all employees irrespective of their role.

Pro-rata payments were also made to employees who worked less than full-time or started midway during the financial year.

Next year the Partnership Dividend payment will be included in the mandatory ‘pay gap’ reporting exercise at ChildbasePartnership which won ‘The Workplace and People Development Award’ and ‘One to watch’ accreditation in the prestigious European Business Awards this year and has been a Sunday Times top UK workplace for over a decade.

“Childbase Partnership is a meritocracy where anyone with skill and imagination, irrespective of gender, may aspire to reach the highest levels of pay and responsibility within the company,” said Virginia Mead-Herbert.

An equal opportunities employer with a ‘careers, not jobs’ focus, backed by a consistently high level of investment in training and career development programmes, the company is committed to achieving a workforce reflecting society and offering positive roles models to children at the most important, formative period of their lives.

Childbase Partnership is rated top for quality amongst the largest Early Years providers because most of its nurseries are rated Ofsted ‘Outstanding’.

Founded in 1989 by its current Chairman, Mike Thompson, Childbase Partnership moved to full employee ownership in 2017 following a historic company-wide vote to move from individual share ownership to a long-term Trust that benefits all employees, equally, for generations to come.

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