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How do I register for an EO Hub account?

If you are already a member of the EOA you are able to sign up and have access to the EO Hub. Simply click the sign-up button, enter as much detail as you can and create your profile – you can go back to this at a later date to add further information. Once signed up you can Connect with others, engage in the Forum, register to attend EOA Regional Network meetings, show others you are attending and add your own employee ownership related news articles.

How to use the Forum 

The Forum is an open space for you to network online with members, we encourage you to post your questions in the most relevant Group. The EOA will be visible in the Forum, endeavouring to make sure you receive responses to your posts. We ask that when responding, you refrain from giving professional advice unless you are qualified to do so. By posting on the Forum, your comments and a limited profile becomes publicly available.

What groups should I join in the Forum?

Groups within the Forum have been created for discussions between peers, so join Groups based on your role if for example, you wish to speak with other elected representatives, or join a Group for the region in which you are based. You can join more than one Group.

What is favouriting in the Forum?

You may see a small heart-shaped icon in the Forum, if you click this you are 'favouriting' the discussion. This then means the post that has the most favourites will appear at the top of the Forum discussion. If you feel that someone's discussion is really relevant or helpful then favourite this to make others aware.

How do I book on to events?

Go to the events page to see the current Regional Network meeting listing. Click on the event you wish to register for and you will be directed to the EOA events booking system. If you have any problems or are wanting to attend an event that is fully booked contact alex.redfearn@employeeownership.co.uk 

Alternatively, you can submit any queries, feedback or problems by visiting this link.

Who can be selected as a Featured Member? 

A Featured Member is a user chosen by the EOA who takes aproactive lead in supporting the growth of the employee owned sector. As a Featured

Member the user needs to be visible in the EO Hub, the users profile will feature on the every page of the platform with the exception of the Forum. We encourage the Featured Member to:

  • Host a conversation in the Forum
  • Write a blog post for the News Page
  • Be willing to share your experiences of employee ownership through private connections and through discussions in the Forum
  • Invest time in connecting with fellow users by sending connection requests
  • Proactively encourage employee owners to sign upto the EO Hub
  • Proactively promote the EO Hub at EOA Event

To find out more information on the opportunity of being a Featured Member please contact hannah.welch@employeeownership.co.uk

I want to add my own news to the site. How do I do this?

Simply head to the news section and click upload news, add an image, title your news story and then submit your post. This will be sent to the site moderators who will assess your news and publish if relevant. We are seeking member news that celebrates the successes of EOB’s and contributes to the awareness raising and profiling of the employee owned sector. Please note this may take up to 3-5 working days 

How can I advertise my business or service in the EO Hub?

Members can now purchase advertising space in the EO Hub. The adverts are displayed on all pages with the exception of the Forum and run for a 6 or 12 month period.Each advert will have a linked URL and a monthly update on the number of impressions and clicks to the URL will be provided.  To find out how you can start advertising please contact hannah.welch@employeeownership.co.uk

I'm having trouble logging in to my account or registering for an event. What shall I do?

Please access the website using an up to date browser such as Google Chrome, Bing or Firefox. If you are still having an issue, please contact us via alex.redfearn@employeeownership.co.uk

I have lost my password

You can reset your password within the My Profile section if you are already logged in. If not please contact alex.redfearn@employeeownership.co.uk who will be able to re-set for you. 

I want to provide further feedback

As with all new technologies we appreciate there maybe initial problems, any feedback you can provide is extremely valuable to us and being a member-focused organisation we want to ensure our members have the best experience. Please follow this link to leave any comments or suggestions you may have.

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